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Monthly Archive: December 2016

Picking Out Best Street Food Of Southeast Asia

Street food category is usually on a level on its own when it comes to awesomeness and convenience. For frequent travelers and backpackers, street food comes to the wonderful times you get to taste something very good, unique and sometimes surprising (good or bad). Travelling is never complete until you hit a couple of street food stands and sample out the different dishes that taste on a wholly different level from hotel cuisine. So if you are planning on hitting streets on some countries of Southeast Asia, then here are some dishes and places you might want to try out.


Thailand’s street food is famous for their taste and convenience and sometimes, for their uniqueness. The typical type of food found on the street is Thai rice and curry (on a different dimension from the rooftop On the main city there are several clean and hygienic vendors that you can find giving out the rice vermicelli with fish ball green curry. This is almost always guaranteed to give your taste buds a heavenly feel. Usually there’s a specific vendor called ‘Prik Yuak’ who is famous for having homemade fish balls and evenly spiced curry. You get the additional Thai sweet basil and green aubergines to go with the rice and curry as well.


The famous noodle dish, pho Tiu, can be found on vendors on the main streets everywhere in the country. The dish has silky noodles, peanuts, crispy shallots, tender cut up pork pieces and is usually delivered with a mouthwatering look as well. The dish can taste salty, sweet, spicy or sour and has a different texture with every bite you take. The dish can always give a run for the noodle dishes of an Italian restaurant Sukhumvit.


If you crave something sweet when walking down the streets, then go for a som Ang. This is basically grilled roasted bananas but which are made even more delicious with encased sticky rice, coconut milk, palm sugar and being roasted in a banana leaf (which makes a whole lot of difference). The rice gets caramelized during the roasting process on the grill and the banana melts with the palm sugar and gets made into a great mushy and sweet dessert that you can never have enough of.

Each country has its own specialized varieties of desserts and dishes which sometimes again differ from region to region. So if you are planning on travelling to different areas of the same country, try out the same dish again to see how diverse the culinary culture is.